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Catherine Bonaminio

Real Estate Agent

License Number: SP47682

My name is Catherine Bonaminio and I am with the Sweet Homes Real Estate. I am excited to be in the real estate industry and I am here to help whenever you need me. I am a mom of 7 year old Identical twin girls and a 3 year old daughter. I love living in Idaho! We are a very "outdoor" type family. We love to camp, hike, and travel to new areas. Idaho is a great place to live and I would love to help you buy or sell your home! Please give me a call, I am here to help.

Chris Rucker



I Have been in sales for over fourteen years. I am dedicated to helping my clients find exactly what they want. With a great team behind me, I will be happy to help you buy, sell or invest in Real Estate!

Jared Bonaminio

Executive Assistant


Julean Morris


License Number: SP41369

Julean Morris epitomizes integrity, energy, and hard work in every detail of your real estate transaction. Julean is a native Idahoan, making her home in the beautiful Treasure Valley. Julean's passion for her community prompted her begin her first home based business with a daycare. She has continued this love for families in the Treasure Valley by building a successful career in real estate. In her free time, Julean loves camping with her family in the beautiful Idaho wilderness. You can also find Julean hosting summer BBQs, watching BSU football games with family and friends, walking the greenbelt with her sister and daughters or quilting and working crafts. Julean's dog Zoey brings a lot of fun to her family's home. Zoey is always waiting to greet Julean when she gets home and turns and smiles at her when she is in trouble. Grateful for an amazing group of neighborhood friends, Julean makes sure that new residents are welcomed in a way that is customary in Idaho.

Katie Keenan

Keenan Realty Group - Realtor®

License Number: SP47059

Intelligent, energetic and passionate with excellent communication skills, Katie knows how to get your real estate transaction done right. Katie came to real estate after a rewarding career in the world of therapy and mental health. A graduate with a master's degree from University of Southern California’s School of Social Work, she worked for a number of community organizations with persons in need. The transition to real estate was a natural one for Katie, as she has found that many skills utilized in her previous practice come in to play when helping clients with the emotional transaction of buying and selling a home. Both of these professions require extreme trust of the person you are working with and that is what you will find when working with Katie. Katie’s enthusiasm, integrity and dedication, combined with her exceptional people skills and ability to listen, make her a natural at understanding the desires of her clients and helping them have a successful transaction. She is a problem-solver and recognizes the inherent stress that can be involved in a transaction as significant as the buying or selling of a home, and the roadblocks that may come up, and dissipates that stress, with her ability to take each client through each step with compassion, patience and understanding. Katie guides each buyer or seller through to the closing table and often beyond.

Kayla Duran


Kristen Sweet

Associate Broker

License Number: AB44139

Krissy is the owner and Associate Broker for Sweet Homes Real Estate. She specializes in Residential Listings and farmland. Krissy represents both buyers and sellers. Working with our Veterans is her specialty! Kristen has a Master's in Business Administration and Bachelor's in Criminal Justice, she is thorough and honest. Let Krissy help you buy or sell your home!

Mark Streb


Nicole Blake

License Number: SP47575

Born and raised in Oregon, Alaska & Idaho, I have witnessed the tremendous change & growth that’s transformed the Treasure Valley into one of the most sought-after best destinations to live. So whether you want a quaint vacation home in Garden Valley or an exceptional luxury residence in downtown Boise, I know specifics about locations, value, property types, pricing, building requirements and zoning; not to mention every possible attraction to entertain you and your family. I thoroughly love my work, and enjoy the fantastic people I meet every day; many of whom become my neighbors and friends.

Risa Garcia


Shane Sweet

Designated Broker


Stephanie Nichols